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Thanks for your interest in Hearty Tools! We greatly value your communication but we can only address queries related to Hearty Tools and its associated services and products. We are not associated with companies and technologies for which we develop apps and tools. And please don't send press releases and review requests as we don’t write site or company reviews on demand.

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Need help with some tool or technology?

The best way to get information about any topic or support about any technology , company or issue is to look into Hearty Tools community blogs, forums and directories, because you'll get much quicker reply from a wider number of professionals and people that very likely have experienced the same issue before and have shared there experience.

Want to write a post?

If you have a news tip, latest update about a technology or inside information about a topic or company. We’d love to hear details from you. You can share ideas and content with our authors, but articles for back reference are not accepted. Share what you have got and our editors will publish your story.

Facing website error or technical issue?

If you are experiencing technical problems or bugs with the site or you see something that we can improve, or if you have any suggestions about site, please fill the contact form on this page.

Website or App Development

For website, app, software or plugin development and premium business solutions contact development department. We provide premium website and app development solutions for any kind of requirements at competitive rates.

Interested in Advertisement

For advertisement campaigns, pricing information and other publicity on Hearty Tools network and our products you can directly start an advertisment campaign on products of your choice, for any additional information you can fill the contact form on this page.

Looking for career opportunity

For frequently look for talented project managers, software developers, finance managers, graphic designers, search engine optimizers and translators, you can follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date about latest job opportunities.

Report Hearty Tools Content

We don't remove accounts and portal data like comments. But if you or somebody else has accidentally or purposely posted content that is abusive, contains false information or violates copyrights then provide details and copyright source and we will review your request, you can report violation complain about any content delivered by Hearty Tools by any means.

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