Make your WordPress website more interactive by adding Quote of the Day plugin. This plugin adds a fresh quotation of a famous icon everyday. This can help you improve your website’s performance as for sites that provide fresh and interactive content everyday.

Quote of the Day plugin lets you show famous quotation of famous author on your WordPress website, this quotes of the day will change every day. You can select a topic like Relationship Quote, Nature Quote, Health Quote or Quote of the Day – and famous quotations will automatically appear on your website or blog, every day!

Quote of the day plug in is for bloggers website owners and webmasters. Using this plug in, you can show a fresh quotation or famous saying on your website every day. This will not only change the content of website every day, which is very helpful for S E O But also it will make your website feature rich and interactive.

To install the plug in, go to your WordPress dashboard and open plug ins page, in add new plug in section search for quote of the day. Install the plug in developed by Hearty Tools. Then activate this plug in. Now you are ready to show a new quotation on your website, from category of your choice.

Go to the widget section of WordPress and you will see quote of the day widget. Drag this plug in to any widget area provided by your theme. Choose the category according to nature of your website or blog. You can give a custom title to the quotations widget and save it.

That’s all! Now your website is showing fresh and awesome quotations every day. This widget gets Quote of the day from Hearty Tools API. The API is associated with the web’s largest quotation repository, using Hearty Tools’ huge collection of quotations, you can share a fresh Quotation of the Day to educate, entertain and inform your website or blog visitors.